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April 16 2011 Tillamook State Forest /SOLV clean up PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve B   
Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:16

It was a dark and gloomy day, but the rains held off.

Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) sponsored a SOLV cleanup at Tillamook State Forest (TSF) Roger's Camp to Brown's Camp, and then beyond.  Jolly Jeepers sponsored this clean up with ODF TSF, however, not one soul from Jolly Jeepers showed up.  Hwwever, there was representation from Oregon Hunters' Association.

We met at 8:30 at the ODoT sanding lot off HWY 6, milepost 33, adjacent to Beaverdam Road, the entrance to the TSF Roger's Camp and to Brown's Camp.  At 9 AM, we were split up into 3 groups - one went and pulled noxious weeds, the second group went off with Stephanie Beall to another area (sorry, I'm not sure where they went), and the third group, under Jamal's guidance, including the OBH representative (Moi!) went onto Beaverdam Road.

We picked trash up from around Roger's campground, and along Beaverdam road.  We went up to Storey Burn and cleared up some of the spur roads there. Our haul for the day netted some notable items - a window rattler A/C, a leather sofa, a couple bottles of Chianti and of Jack D.  We also picked up a cooler with a dead dog.

We also ran across a dump of black trash bags filled with potting soil and emitting a foul chemical odor.  Jamal said that was the residue from a marijuana growing operation.  He said to leave it, and they would get the Sheriff's Inmate Detail to clean it up.

By 2 PM, We had filled up the ODF flatbed and then some, and for most of us, or fun meter was pegged.  We convoyed back to the ODot lot, where the Oregon Hunter's Association provided to us some lunch.

The next cleanup at TSF is tentatively scheduled for early July.  Come one, come all!


Steve Bregman

PS - I'm going to try to upload some photos.


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Welcome PDF Print E-mail
Written by r0adawg   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 21:23


At the bottom of the Login Form, there is an option "Login with an OpenID".  It is suggested to use the OpenID, as this will provide you with one less user name and password to have to remember. Please use your full yahoo email address.

Anyone that would like to contribute content, whether it be trip reports, or information please feel free to do so.

I ask that those that decide to do so, please put at the top of the article, a suggested section name and possible category.  In this way we can start to grow and expand the knowledge of others.  There is a wysiwyg editor for formatting or if you prefer a direct html editor available to use as well.  Images can be added, tho not hosted here... Please use your favorite image hosting service...

Check out the trip reports,  If you have one or more that are missing, please feel free to contribute them.

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OBH 2011 NYD Snow Run PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 January 2011 23:32

OBH 2011 NYD Snow Run I am placing the OBH trip report here until their website is up and running again. Thx w :rasta:

A BIG Thank You to Todd Brooks and numerous others who helped make our OBH NYD run, in our opinion one of the best my sweetheart and I have ever been on. Of coarse the clear, cool and snow filled day helped a lot. Just ask anyone that was on the Tree run last month in the slush, hard rain and cold…right?

The run was in Todd's back yard just outside Toutle, WA. My wife and I were planning to tow our Scrambler up to meet Marty and Keith along with Jon at the LaCenter exit Shell gas station. Guy and Christine in the full size Red Ram were joining us for their 1st 4x4 outing and asked if we wanted to travel together. So they came by the house in the morning, hooked up to my trailer and off we went. Just before we arrived I remembered that I had forgotten my Winter/snow boots. (RATS, I hated when that happens) All I had on were my light weight walking/jogging shoes. When we got to the guys at the exit we told them to leave without us and we would catch up. We headed back to my house about 20 minutes and picked up the boots and then onto our meeting point up in Toutle.

It was nice that the Vancouver 4 Wheelers met up with us for their NYD run. Vancouver 4 Wheelers, founded in 1957, is dedicated to providing a safe and fun four wheeling experience for people of all skill levels. We had the opportunity to spend the day together on a great family friendly run. They hold to many of the same values as our OBH group.

We all met at the Shell station in Toutle just after 10am. After toping off with coffee, snacks, groceries and fuel tanks we caravanned up a few miles to an old log sorting yard to where we unloaded the tailored rigs, aired down and headed on out.


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