Location Specific Info
Sand Lake



Here is a map of the location.

Portland Folks:
Take Hwy. 6 through Tillamook. Then 101 south 20 miles to the Jct for Sand Lake. There is a sign but it is on a curve so watch out. At the sign drive west for a few miles then take a left to the south at the next sign. 4.15mi later take a left to Sand Lake. One mile later you are at Sand Lake store. Take a right. 0.65mi later take a right onto Derrick Rd. Drive to the end of the road (1.15mi.) Derrick Rd gets very narrow so drive carefully and watch for oncoming traffic.

Central Valley Folks:
Take Hwy 22 to Hwy 18 Jct then on to town of Valley Jct. (Texaco gas station available there). Over a bridge (0.8mi from Texaco) turn right which follows Hwy 22. This is easy to miss, watch for it. After 14mi. Dolph Jct turn right to Hebo. At Hebo stay to right and you will be on Hwy 101 to Tillamook. Go through town of Beaver. There is a BP and Texaco there. Go through Hemlock. 0.35mi past Hemlock is the left turn for Sand Lake. Watch it, this jct. is on a curve. 4.15mi later take a left to Sand Lake. One mile later you are at Sand Lake store. Take a right. 0.65mi later take a right onto Derrick Rd. Drive to the end of the road (1.15mi.)


These are taken from the pamphlet, Off-Road Vehicle Guide to Sand Areas of the Siuslaw National Forest

All vehicles must be equipped with the following:

  • OHV Sticker - from the DMV
  • Flag - Red, 9ft from the ground, at least one side is 8 inches and length of not less than 12 inches.
  • Mufflers - Meets DEQ standards.
  • Brakes - (that work I guess)
  • Chain Guard - (for you quadratrac folks I guess)
  • Fire Extinguisher - UL Listed dry chemical.
  • Floor Pan - To keep peoples feet within the frame or from beneath the vehicle.
  • Fuel Tank - Securely mounted
  • Lights - head and tail for night time operation
  • Roll Bar - Or enclosure that will protect the occupants head while shitting ones pants, oh I mean when the vehicle is resting on the roll bar or enclosure.
  • Seats/Belts - Securely mounted seat and seat belts of quick release type for all occupants, readily available.
  • Windshield Wipers - must have them

Rules of the Road:

  • No driving under the influence of intoxicants - Dont Drink and Drive.
  • Oregon Basic Speed Law Applies - Dont drive faster than conditions, dont endanger other people or property.
  • It is illegal to attempt to elude a law enforcement officer.
  • Accident Law Apply the off-road as well as on highway, >$400 damage gets reported.
  • Driver must hold a valid drivers license.
  • Registration must be valid.
  • Must stay out of vegetated areas and vehicle closures.
  • The beach is only open to street legal vehicles. The beach is considered a highway as far as laws go. Plus you must have the off-road safety equipment.
  • 25MPH Limit.


Our trucks are Class II Vehicles - This means permits are required. OHV Permits are $7 for 2 years and can be obtained at the DMV. You just have to give them the Lic., VIN, numbers. But call them first to make sure thats all.

There are actually enforcement folks checking for stickers in the park so have one.

Safety Tips:

Dont over drive your abilities, never go alone, and learn the tell tale signs of a slipface/dropoff.

If you see standing water, do not drive into it! It is quicksand!


911, CB Channel 9, Campground host has radio to Forest Service.


There is a charge per vehicle for camping. The day-use area of Derrick Road is free and so are the open sand areas. First come first serve.

Recommended Optional Equipment List:

  • The BushHackers Good Etiquette Kit
  • Your own tools.
  • Snap Strap in safe condition.
  • Tow Hooks (real ones)
  • Your own lunch.
  • CB Radio
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tire Gauge and Air Source.
  • Electrical or Duct Tape
  • Space Blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Drinking Water
  • Sand Kit:
    • Boards like 1 x 6 s that you can drive on after you dig yourself out. Plywood is also said to work. Those expanded steel ramp things are cool.
    • Good Shovel
    • Water - for all that digging
    • Air source to air up your tires from 5psi to 35psi.
    • Rain Coat - It can get nasty on the coast with winter storms.

Notes on Entrances:

At the Derrick Road entrance (426026E,18560N) the sand is dry and smooth. Plenty of parking on sand and generally a good place to hang out. There is some wind protection in the trees growing here and there. One set of restrooms hardly used.

At the East Camp entrance (424490E,15035N) there is paved parking lot many restrooms, no wind protection, but a play ground for kids, a day parking area that does not allow trailers. The sand here is wet and hard. There is a creek running through the sand which is draining the small, shallow lake.

West camp is closed and the fisherman day use area is open but it was too cold and windy to investigate.


There are restrooms at the Derrick Road entrance.

The Sandlake store has the usual general store stuff. There is a gas station there ($1.35 and $1.50 per gal) that is open 8am to 8pm on Saturday. Sorry I forgot to ask about Sunday but they were open at 1pm when I was there. They also have flags in case you guys can't find one. The short (4ft) flag is $5.50 and the long (9ft) flag is $15.00. I remind you that you need to have a red flag, 9ft from the ground. The leading edge must be 8 inches and it must be 12inches long. They do not have OHV permits. OHV permits can only be had at the DMV.

There are a good choice of gas stations and other services within 15 miles of Sandlake. Tillamook, Pacific City, and Beaver are the towns in order of size.


If you get stuck and someone else gets stuck trying to get you out, it is your financial responsibility if cash is needed to get you both out.

It is obvious which areas are wildlife refuge so we shouldn't have to worry about treading in those areas. Stay on the beaten path.

Compiled by Bill Lewey