Tire Dealers in the Pacific Northwest

I posted this once a couple of years ago, but I suppose it bears repeating.

Les Schwab is the distributor for Interco tires in the northwest. That means that you can get Interco tires from him at close to the same price as other tire stores have to pay for them. The result is you are wasting your time to go to any tire store in the Northwest to price Swampers, Boggers, or (yuk!) Thornbirds.

On the other hand, most independent stores and America's Tire Store beat the pants off Les for BFG's since he is not a distributor for them. The cheapest place I have found for BFG is Costco, with $135 for 35" Mud Terrains. As someone (Guy) has previously posted, America's Tire Store is very close to Costco for prices.

Info compiled by: Gil Meacham

Just to add another point, it's also a waste of time to look at the mail order companies. They may come out lower then Schwabies, but as noted in the previous posts, Swampers need to be balanced often. Schwabs will do that for free, so the mail-ordered tires will eat up any savings after the first trip to have them balanaced.

Info compiled by: Clark Mason