4WD Parts Warehouse

OBH Ramp Party

Jun 10, 2000

What: Oregon BushHackers Trip #66a
Ramp Party
Where: 4WD Parts Warehouse
Date: Saturday, June 10, 1999
Time: 3:00 pm
CB: None
Meeting Place: 4WD Parts Warehouse (SE 82nd)

Considering all of the notes posted by folks apologizing for not being able to make it, we had quite an impressive turnout. Though the weather was nasty on the way to and from the event, the sun smiled on us for the duration of the event. Here is a list of most (not all - sorry) of the people that attended:

Victor82899 TJ
Carlson73197 TJ
Roger7069? YJ
Daren94190 YJ2nd Place SWB
Janet54399 TJ
Chris Swaim90667 CJ-5
Matt O.88479 CJ-5
Matt B.75378 CJ-5
Dennis Z.40685 XJ
Katie49799 Amigo
Dan Blake56069 Bronco
Bill Inman64000 TJ
Kevin44883 Nissan PU
David Lutz47397 Tacoma
Susie100598 TJOver all winner
Linh54095 Tacoma2nd Place LWB
Scotty772Broncosaurus1st Place LWB
Shannon Smith
Chris Helvey
Guy HammerN/A
Gil MeachamN/A
Daniel RumboldN/A

Again, sorry I didn't get everyones names. There were a lot of SO's that didn't make it to the list as well. Scotty has the results and will be posting them after he gets them keyed in. Susie had the best overall articulation scoring an impressive 1005 RTI! (20 degree ramp)

The 4WPW folks were great, handing out gift certificates to the high scorers, tee shirts to all of the participants, and windshield banners to anyone that would take one! :-) A lot of folks (myself included) bought stuff while they were there. Thanks to 4WPW for putting up with us, and apologies to the Clinton Street neigbors that were inconvenienced by the crowd milling about on their street.

After the event 10~15 of us adjourned to Stark Street Pizza for much needed fuel and refreshments. Overall it was an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Thanks Scotty for setting this up for us! :-)

Guy Hammer