Tillamook State Forest

Ladies Day

Jun 25, 2000

What: Oregon BushHackers Trip #66b
Ladies Day
Where: TSF
Date: Sunday, June 25, 2000
Time: 9:00 am
CB: 28
Meeting Place: Log Cabin Restaurant - Hwy 6

Name Rig Roll
Jennifer 98 TJ Wrangler Driver, Trail Boss
Katie   Passenger
Tamara 71 FJ55 Land Cruiser Driver
Glenda   Passenger
Ruth 93 YJ Wrangler Driver
Andy   Passenger
Dorothy   Passenger
Mike   Passenger
Crystal 71 FJ40 Land Cruiser Driver
Keith   Passenger
Sarah 93 YJ Wrangler Driver
Janet 99 TJ Wrangler Driver
Vicki   Passenger
Susan 92 Range Rover Driver
Shane   Passenger
Ronnie 90 YJ Wrangler Driver, Tail Gunner
Darin   Passenger, Report Writer
Justin   Passenger

It was a warm, sunny day for Ladies Run #2. Most of us met at the Log Cabin Restaurant between 9:00 & 9:30. After a great breakfast we all met up at Roger's Camp to air down and make introductions.

Jennifer adds: Just as Katie and I were coming into the Log Cabin, the Brushbusters were going out. Matt and Roger, hope you guys had a fun day at Diamond Mill! Roger, thanks for stopping to say hello on your way out. This was the first time I met Roger...for a while there a couple of years ago I thought he was a figment of my imagination. ;-) Everyone talked about him, but no one I knew well could say that they knew who he was either. Glad to see he does come out and play when he can.

After all were ready we headed for Powerline with Tamara in the lead. Once we got to the trail head Jennifer took over the lead and up we went. Boy, it's tough to catch all of the action when you're in the tail gunner's rig, so if I miss something feel free to add to this. You also eat A LOT of dust! Seven rigs in all and powerline gave us no trouble at all.

Jennifer adds: Even up front we saw a lot of dust...

There were a few hairy moments here and there on powerline, but it was mostly ju st a nice jaunt. We did skip a section or two, where the bigger rigs were not going to fit comfortably. I relied on Tamer a's knowledge of this, since I figured that her rig was the widest of all of them - not to mention she certainly knows that area better than I do!

Then we got to the Little Rubicon section and bypassed it to the bottom. Tamara gave it a go up the rocks and tried a couple of different lines, Then when she almost had it right at the top, SNAP, there went the rear drive line. It looked like a twisted up pop can, man that rig has some awesome torque. After some creative winching by Andy, she was off the rocks and back on the road. We ate some lunch, while she removed her drive line yokes. Tamara called it a day at that point, and so did Susan in the stock Range Rover, who did great by the way. That left four Jeeps and the Cruiser with full size running gear.

By the time we hit the east end of Archers Firebreak it was 2:15. The first challenge was the long hill with all the loose big round rocks everywhere, tricky but no problem. Then we took a wrong turn and everyone started backing up, and silly me said "no this is the right way keep going". DUH, it was the wrong way after all. We circled around and were back at the trail we just did, but no one wanted to do it again. So we bypassed it to the next section.

This was a rocky down hill piece right off the road that nobody wanted to go down, so Andy volunteered to try it. He went down, turned around and came back up. Then Ronnie did the same. The rest didn't want to go down so we bypassed from there.

Jennifer adds: This was the section that Jim W winched some of us up on the last "fluff" run I led....I hate that section, I always get stuck and or damaged there.

Crystal & Keith called it a day at that point. We took a wrong turn at ended up at Hogs Back so we gave it a try. There is a really tight section in the middle going up that spooked everyone, so I asked if the ladies minded if I gave it a try. Up I went, not as bad as last time when it was a little wet, got to the top and came back down, Yikes! That is one tight trail. Everyone wanted to get back to Archers, so away we went.

Jennifer adds: Actually the main reason we didnt do this was that not all of us had tires that stick out past the flares, some of the ladies didnt want any body damage! Not that I blamed them a bit. It looked better for the most part than the last run I saw it on, but it is still real tight in spots.

We picked back up on Archers just below where left off and did some more trails with no problem. We all did a hill called Can Opener and moved on to the Rock Wall.

Jennifer adds: What they are calling can opener is the section just above the helipad. This is also the section where my passenger decided 3/4 of the way thru that she wanted out...not a chance! Once you stop, you are stopped. Actually, it was real easy, but, if I didnt have wide tires that stuck out I would have had some paint damages I thi nk. I know that to Katie it must have looked like the hill was coming inside where the door on her side "should" have been.

Ruth tried it to the left side and couldn't get up the big rocks at the top. Andy was spotting and I said this is right where Tamara's husband broke his front end that one time not to long ago, so he backed her down and she came up to the far right with no problem. Next up was Ronnie, she took the other line also on the right just under the wall with no problem at all. Jennifer and Janet bypassed.

Then we hit the Boulder Field and Ruth went up like a pro, with some great spotting from Andy. I talked Ronnie into giving it a go, and she went for it. Part way up she got hung up on some rocks and was spinning the tires and got a little spooked, so I took over and backed up to get a better line and cruised on up.

After that we did some more sections of archers, all bypassed Top Eater, did some more, and called it a day. We took Portland Mills Rd. down to Jordan Creek Rd. and stopped to air up. Andy was nice enough to give everyone service with his A/C compressor on board air setup. WOW, that baby is fast! He aired up four Jeeps in the time it takes me to do two tires with my cheapo compressor. Hit the hi way at about 7:00 and headed home.

We all had a great day, nice people, lots of sun, lots of great trails, one break but at least no body damage for anyone!

Jennifer adds: Great day gals and guys. Thank you all for coming along, you ladies did a great job of driving!!

Katie writes: Thanks to all involved and especially Jen for a great first off roading experience on Sunday! What a blast!!

I was telling the truth when I said I had never even seen this stuff done before. I was amazed! I had a great time, and only panicked once, at Can Opener. It looks to me like absolute suicide. I politely asked if I could get out. Jen says, "No! Just hang on. Everything inside, and hang on! " I know we are going to die. To my complete astonishment, we make it. We get over the top. She pulls Mud Ball around and shuts off the engine. She has to tell me that I can quit hanging on now. (The only damage sustained was my fingernail marks in Mud Ball's "Oh ####" bar. )