Tire Size/Lift Chart

29/9.50 30/9.50 29/12.50R15 31/10.50 32/11.50 33/12.50 31/14.50 34 33/16.5 15/36 15/38.5 17/40 42
235/75R15 29/10.50 305/65R16 31/11.50 31/12.50 32/14.50 275/85R16 35/14.5 36/16.5R 38/15.5
P78-15 345/65R16 33/14.5 13/36.5
Thru 93 S-10/15 A* E* E* B,D(1-1/2),E C,D(2),E
94-up S-10/15 A B* D(2-1/2)* D(2-1/2)* D(3),E D(5),E D(5),E,C*
73-up KG Blazer/Jimmy, Sub, PU (exc. 88PU) A B,[A] D(2-1/2) D B B,D(4) B,D(5) B,D(5),E B,D(8),E D(12)
88-up PU A* B* D(4) D(4) B,D(4) B,D(6),E C,D(6),E C,D(6),E
92-up Blazer/Yukon A D(2-1/2) D(4) D(4) D(4) B,D(4) B,D(6),E
Dakota A* B* D(4) D(4),E*
W150/Ramcharger A B,D(2-1/2) D(3-1/2) B,D(2) B,D(4) B,D(5) B,D(4),E B,D(5),E
W250/350 A B,D(2-1/2) D(3-1/2)
94-up Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 A A B B D(2) D(2) B,D(2) D(4) E,D(4)
83-96 Ranger, Bronco II A B* D(2-1/2) D(4) B,D(4),E B,D(4),E B,D(4),E B,D(5),E C,D(5-1/2),E B,D(8),E
87-94 F-150, Bronco A D(3) D(3) D(3) B,D(4) D(6) D(4),E C,D(6),E
69-79 F-150, 78-79 Bronco A D(2),[A] D(2) B D(3) B,D(3),E D(5),E C,D(5),E D(9),E
66-77 Bronco A C C,D(3) D(3) B,C,D(3) C,D(5-1/2) C,D(5),E B,C,D(7),E
85-1/2-up F-350 A A A B D(2) D(4) D(5) B,D(4),E
80-86 F-250, F-350 (IFS) A A B D(2) D(4) B,D(2),E C,D(4),E D(6),E
77-1/2-79 F-250 A A D(2) B,D(2) D(4) D(6) C,D(4),E B,D(8),E
73-77 F-250 A A B D(2) D(2),E B,D(2-1/2),E B,D(4),E
Explorer A B* D(2-1/2) D(2-1/2) D(4) D(4) D(4),E D(4),E
Wrangler A* D(3) D(3) D(4) B,D(4),E
CJ-5, 6, 7, 8 A* D(2-1/2) D(3) D(3),E D(4),E B,D(2),E B,D(4),E
84-88 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche A* B D(4)*
Grand Cherokee A B D(3)* D(4)*
63-86 Wagoneer A B B,D(4) C,D(4) C,D(4),E
MB, 2A, 3A 3B A B D(1) D(2-1/2)
Up to 96-1/2 PU E B,E C,D(1-1/2)
96-1/2 on PU, Pathfinder A* E* C,D(1-1/2),E* D(3)
Samurai D(1-1/2),[A],[B,D(1-1/4)] D(3) B,D(3) D(3),E B,D(3),E
Sidekick C* D(1-1/2) B,D(1-1/2)
79-83 A D(2-1/2) D(4),E B,D(7) D(7),E B,D(7),E
84-85 PU, 4Runner A B,D(2-1/2) D(5) D(4),E B,D(7) B,D(7),E
86 up PU, 4Runner A B,D(1-1/2) D(4) D(4) D(4) D(4) D(4),E B,D(5-1/2),E C,D(5-1/2),E
LC FJ40 A B C C,D(2-1/2)
LC Wagon FJ55 A B
LC Wagon FJ60 A B B,D(1-1/2)
90 up FJ60 LC A E
93 up T100 A D(1-1/2) E D(1-1/2),E


A Stock Vehicle Compiled by: Guy Hammer
Last Updated: 4/7/98
B Minor Fender Trim
C Minor Fender Cutting/Flares
D Suspension Lift (in.)
E Body Lift (3 in.)
* Proper Wheel Offset Critical
[] Not in official charts, but OBH
member has seen it work in the field